Heating be a problem to longevity?

Yesterday I came across a blog post mentioning both normal working temperature and the one under stress test. After some search I found that almost everyone is trying to add some kind of cooling solutions on their own RPi, this further proved me right in buying those coppers.

I also did some Googling over the materials of heat sinks, why Copper and why Aluminium?
( space reserved for the explanation and some citations )

RPi with copper heat sinks


More peripherals

After the first week staying with the little raspi, I guess it is not designed to stay powered for more than 3 hours. Don’t have a termometer in hand, but with touching it suggest a 50-70 degree on both chips.

If I wanna carries it around working headless, there must be some kind of heat radiation. Let’s go for more hunting!


  1. VGA ram heat sinks
  2. 20mm VGA fans x 2

Bluetooth be a boot up device?

After some Googling and studies, finally I can pair my ProMini with raspi. It seems the shift key is not working, don’t know what’s wrong. But while it works normally with my Mac and PC, I moved to the next step and stucked there — auto connection.

Seems the bluez library isn’t well documented in this, or it just leaving this for developers. If it is the case then I’ll have to write my own service for detecting the keyboard. (awe… headache)

Google suggest bluetooth over linux CLI is kinda poorly supported, developed and documented… well let’s keep studying.

Devices are meant to be smaller

Raspberry Pi

Got my little raspi board last month, excited to explore its possibilities.

Not to be confused with some low level electronic boards like Arduino, this board is a fully functional computer designed to run a linux platform.

It’s hard for pure software engineers to even touch the soldering gun, but the excitement is just dragging me towards the electronics realm. (LOL)

Stay tuned.