Heating be a problem to longevity?

Yesterday I came across a blog post mentioning both normal working temperature and the one under stress test. After some search I found that almost everyone is trying to add some kind of cooling solutions on their own RPi, this further proved me right in buying those coppers.

I also did some Googling over the materials of heat sinks, why Copper and why Aluminium?
( space reserved for the explanation and some citations )

RPi with copper heat sinks


More peripherals

After the first week staying with the little raspi, I guess it is not designed to stay powered for more than 3 hours. Don’t have a termometer in hand, but with touching it suggest a 50-70 degree on both chips.

If I wanna carries it around working headless, there must be some kind of heat radiation. Let’s go for more hunting!


  1. VGA ram heat sinks
  2. 20mm VGA fans x 2