Swarm Intelligence

Have you played Mass Effect? Did you heard of the synthetic spices? They are made up of exactly the swarm intelligence, or more formally, the collective intelligence.

I guess the current A.I. approach is not a good way to start off, if we ever targets a real comprehensive intelligence that is survivable on its own.

Manage By Walking Around

What do the Southwest Airlines boarding process and the video game Halo have in common?

They both rely on swarm intelligence to improve their experience.

Swarm intelligence describes the behavior of a population of simple agents whose aggregate behavior exhibits intelligence unknown to the individual agents.  Groups exhibiting swarm intelligence have no central leader but rather members interact with each other based solely on information they have locally. Examples in nature include ant colonies, flocks of birds, schools of fish, and bacterial growth.

Stanford Professor Deborah Gordon explains in an entertaining news segment on what we can learn from ants:

Ants are not smart. But colonies are smart. So what’s amazing about ants is that in the aggregate, all of these inept creatures accomplish amazing feats as colonies.

In an ant colony, there’s nobody in charge. There are no managers. There is nobody telling anybody what to do. The queen…

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