Wooden it matter?

There is a bunch of peripherals popping out since the first release of Pi, cases are the most flourishing business at the moment. Despite of some doomsday designs here and there, some virtually free self-made cases really shows something.

While most people didn’t recognise the inability of heat radiation under plastic structures even the official one, thank god, you can still found some common sense active cooling design.

Some would argue the low-power consumption and hence low heat generation within the Pi, I always think of longevity and the headlessness of this little thing. Automation means you mind nothing while your creation works as a charm, and the Pi is hot like a pie after 30 mins of video processing from a USB webcam. (will add some benchmarks later)

With some daily tools like drills and cutters, one could only work on light materials that is good to pierce screws in, that is easy to cut, and at least provides a degree of heat penetration.

And this is the best choice I could have found without a laser cutter myself. (OK I admit this is personal, I love natural materials.)

(image links to product page)

This is not GPIO friendly and the size restricts it from plugging any development boards or expansion boards directly in, but I can easily mod it for sure. 😉


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